Rytmee is international
Many countries use Rytmee like Switzerland , United States , Italy ,
Australia , France ... The forms can be personalized with the colors of your federation.
FIG code of point
Create cards based on the Code of Points 2013 - 2016
Rytmee offer a tool for creating forms based on the latest
International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) code of point
Rytmee is fast
Reduce more than 50% of your time creating plug
Rytmee calculates the points, organized formulas,
only shows you what you need. It is responsible for the layout of the sheet resizes
and symbols.
Rytmee is commented
The comments in the code are included in Rytmee
Comments allow you to understand the code symbols.
Rytmee automatically
You cannot go wrong in the calculations
Rytmee has got all the points of each symbol
It automatically calculates the total of all your compositions and forms.
Rytmee is fun
It is a tool to work for the creation of forms less tedious and more enjoyable
Rytmee is developed using the latest web technologies to create forms in a few clicks
Rytmee you securise
You no longer risk losing or forgetting your work.
Rytmee records in one place all your actions as and when you make them.
Your cards are available all the time and not import where.



Rytmee is a must for all assistant coaches Rhythmic Gymnastics with the difficult task of creating and maintaining records of judgment in their club.

It helps you to quickly create new forms, modify them, to save them and print them (with automatic conversion to PDF). It prevents you from making miscalculations or forget the rules of harmful code for your gymnasts.