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Is Rytmee used in countries other than France?
Yes, countries such as Australia, Italy, Switzerland and the United States use Rytmee at national and international level.
Is Rytmee valid only for the international code?
No, Rytmee technology takes into account changes made to the Code of Points by the federations of each country.
Can you create forms for groups?
Yes, Rytmee allows you to quickly create forms for groups. You can also create forms for individuals.
Can we create forms for individuals?
Yes. Rytmee allows you to quickly create forms for individuals. You can also create forms for groups.
Who can have an account?
An account is assigned to a person in charge, usually a trainer, for the judging forms. More than one trainer in the same club may have to create forms, each trainer would have their own account. Each account is personal and non transferable to third parties. The club can, however, make the request for account creation by subscribing to a yearly subscription.
Which Code of Points is Rytmee based on?
Rytmee.com has been developed using the Code of Points 2013-2016 Rhythmic Gymnastics published by the FIG