What is Rytmee?

The essential assistant for the creation of your judging forms
Rytmee is an essential assistant for Rhythmic Gymnastic trainers who have the difficult task of creating and maintaining all the judging forms in their club. It helps you to quickly create new forms, modify them, register them and print them (with automatic conversion to PDF format). It saves you from making mistakes in your calculations or forgetting the rules of the code which would be detrimental to your gymnasts.


The power of Rytmee

FIG Code of points

Create forms based on the Code of Points 2013-2016.


Cut by half the time it takes for you to create a form thanks to automatic calculation and updates.


With its unique ergonomics, creating forms is child's play.

Smartphone and tablet

Consult or modify your forms wherever you find yourself. Coming soon


Many of the regulations present in the Code of Points of the FIG are also present in Rytmee


Many countries like Switzerland, Bulgaria, United States and Autstralia use Rytmee Your forms are personalised with the colours of your federation.